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Please note that in 2016 Jonathan Puckey founded interactive design studio Puckey. Please visit for up to date work.


In 2006 the SMBA approached me to design and program their new website.

The SMBA is a project space of the Stedelijk Museum and presents contemporary art from an Amsterdam context in their art space on the Rozenstraat.

I was interested in using data input into the website as ingredients to distill some kind of new meaning out of.

I created a dictionary system: the SMBA enters words in their personal dictionary, the definitions of these words are defined by the sentences that they appear in.

These definitions both define the words and define the way SMBA uses them.

Every time one of these words appears in the text, it is linked to the definition page. The colors of the words vary from black (no definitions) to bright green (many definitions).

The titles at the top of the page are built up using the words in the SMBA dictionary with the same kind of auto complete function that is used in mobile phones for SMS.

Using the custom content management I designed and implemented, the people at the SMBA can easily maintain their website by themselves.